Ashland University has begun to release 24/25 prospective student financial aid offers! Please keep an eye out for a text message with a link to your Personalized 金融援助 Video explaining your package and cost of attendance!



The Ashland University Net Price Calculator will help you estimate your out-of-pocket costs as well as provide an estimate of financial aid for your upcoming year. First-year and transfer students can be financially prepared to begin your college education.

First-year students will need your high school GPA and your ACT score. Transfer students will need their cumulative college GPA and college credit hours accrued.

Please note that this is an estimate; its result is formulated from the information provided. 你将收到一份正式的录取通知 FAFSA 所有需要的文件都收到了.




To receive your financial aid in a timely manner, please complete these steps:


Apply -完成 FAFSA by April 1 使用足彩外围的校码 003012. You and your parent(s) will each be prompted to create your own FSA ID when you log on to the FAFSA site and you will use that FSA ID to sign your completed FAFSA.


审查经济援助申请 -审查你的报价 自助服务. All prospective and current students will be notified in their AU email that their 金融援助 Offer is available. Check your Ashland University email account frequently for revised offers and important notices from the 财政援助办事处.


完整的贷款流程 — For any federal loans listed on your 金融援助 Offer that you wish to accept, 联邦贷款必须符合借款要求 completed. If you wish to accept, accept a portion or decline any of your loans, please do so in 自助服务.


考虑其他资助方案 — Once you have reviewed your financial aid offer and determined your remaining net costs, 检讨其他资助方案,例如 联邦或私人贷款 and/or an AU付款计划.


The billing statement shows your actual charges for one semester, less any financial aid that has been credited to your account and what you owe. Certain situations may impact the ability for financial aid to apply to your billing statement. 原因包括:

  • Federal grants and loans do not get credited to your account until 10 days before your first class of the semester begins.
  • The 财政援助办事处 may be waiting on requested documents, 例如Verification和/或纳税申报表, and some of your financial aid may be on hold awaiting document completion.
  • 您可能仍然需要完成所需的 贷款流程.
  • Federal student loans have an origination fee; therefore, the amount you may receive as a disbursement may be slightly lower than the amount you accepted.

Reasons for variations in your billing statement may include:

  • 你可能正在上课 额外课程或部门费用 not estimated on the financial aid offer letter that cover lab materials, 评估或认证.
  • You chose Selection of a different higher priced housing and/or meal plan 增加成本的选项.
  • Assessed You may still be eligible to waive your Student Health Insurance Fee that has not been waived by the student.
  • 评估了学费超限费.

Student employment earnings do not apply directly to your bill until you secure an 校园工作, complete a 学生就业 contract with the 学生会计处 and earn funds over time based on hours worked.

For questions about your billing statement, view the 学生会计处 page.